You may be wondering....... 

Is this a site for persons who disagree with the Bible understanding of Jehovah's Witnesses?


Is there any chat facility associated with this site?


How would you deal with an enquiry from someone disfellowshipped or disassociated from the Christian congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses?

In the same way as an enquiry from such a person encountered in the street or the door-to-door ministry. A sincere enquirer would be directed to seek assistance at the local congregation.

Does your site offer association or fellowship to disassociated or disfellowshipped persons?


Can your site be a substitute for meeting attendance?


Is your site intended to offer Christian teaching additional to that published by Jehovah's Witnesses?


Are those contributing to the Forum or Guestbook a 'sect' or 'pressure group' of any sort within the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses?


What do you tell someone who has fallen away from Christian association but who wants to use this site and its Forum as a source of encouragement?

Such persons are strongly encouraged to resume association with their local congregation and to seek assistance and support there.  The Forum of this site is for those actively associated with the Christian congregation.

What steps do you take to protect the online security of contributors?

Email addresses are not shown either in the Guestbook or the Forum, so contributors can't be contacted directly.  The Forum part of the site is password-protected.  No posting to the Forum or Guestbook can appear until it is checked. Other security measures are in place.

Can mistakes be corrected?


Have you ever had any communication from any official channel or legal body of Jehovah's Witnesses expressing any concern about the site or asking you to remove it?


What would you do if you did receive such a communication explaining concerns about the site and asking you to remove it?

Remove it.

Is the Forum of your site a place for complaint and destructive criticism?


What is your rationale for having this site?

Please read the Rationale information on the Home Page.

Doesn't running the site involve a great deal of time which could be better spent on other things?

While the initial setting-up took some hours, dealing with the Forum or Guestbook takes only a few minutes at a time. Responding to email enquiries can take a little time but care is exercised to maintain balance.

Please see also the Legal page of this site for additional information.

 A resource for GLBT Jehovah's Witnesses